Remarkable Stories Behind Some of the Famous Car Logos

They say a single picture can hide a thousand words. Same goes for famous car logos. Have you ever wondered why a brand logo was designed the way it is presented in public? Here are some interesting inside stories behind the creation of some stunning car logos.


Volvo Logo

The logo for Volvo is a representation of the zodiac symbol for Mars, the Roman God of war who represented the element of strength. The logo also represents the symbol that we commonly use to denote a masculine gender. The founders of Volvo wanted their logo to show their brand as a symbol of strength and masculinity.


Mercedes Logo

The story for the car logo design of Mercedes can be traced back to the late nineteenth century when Gottlieb Daimler sent a postcard to his wife and printed a star on it. That star became a desire for Daimler to have it imprinted everywhere on his factories as the star held a strong representation of a victory gained on the three elements of “land, air and the sea”.


BMW Logo

There are two famous stories behind the car logo of BMW. According to one story, BMW was the manufacturer of aircrafts in the World War II which is why the colors represent the white aircraft peeking through the blue skies. Another story claims that the logo is designed like that because it shows the Bavarian colors of the flag.


Toyota Logo

Forth in the list of famous car manufacturer logos is Toyota. Two of the three ovals seen in Toyota’s logo represent the mutual trust and bond between Toyota and the customer. The three ellipses combine to make the letter ‘T’ in Toyota, whereas the empty space in background actually implies the global expansion and unlimited potential of Toyota’s technology.



Ferrari has a horse prancing on its toes as its famous car logo design. The horse actually dates back to World War I when it was painted on an Italian fighter plane. When Ferrari was founded, the mother of the founder Enzo Ferrari asked him to put the logo on all of his cars in order to bring good luck. Even the yellow background color of Modena was preserved to the present day.



Ferruccio, the owner of Lamborghini, became friends with the Spanish fighting bull breeder Don Eduardo Miura in the early sixties. The fighting bulls left such a lasting impression on Lamborghini that he decided to feature a raging bull in all of his namesakes.

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    I never would have asked myself if there was a story behind the logos so it’s interesting to know the backgrounds of these logos.


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