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Do you remember the day you were excited to go to the cinemas. Well now we’ve made it 100x more interesting and exciting.

Want to know why?

Because we are WORTHY a newly innovated service for social entertainment providing you with an experience that will leave you like a lottery winner Welcoming friends, family and lovers to enjoy your day of worthwhile luxury We are what you call proud innovators of entertainment. Is your cinema/theatre thrill is not as it once was here at worthy we’ve decided to improve that, we’ve introduced the worthy entertainment concierge. This allows you to be chauffeured to the most elegant, comfortable and of course romantic for those daters at several location for us all to enjoy. Created for several occasions while memberships and basic day tickets are available.

Our Services

We provide a full day out of entertainment, hospitality and catering and accommodation. Once you’ve booked a your package you’ll be set for the date. A text will be sent once your chauffer has arrived outside taking you to your first destination the cinema then to the next a restaurant where a menu awaits your order. Features can be included to enhance your experience. Ending with the chauffer taking you home. Have a peak at our video.

Be a part of our services.

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